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The imagine makeover consultant business is a method to provide women with help to avoid fitting room disappointments and to feel comfortable in their clothing choice for any occasion. The technology of the Apparel Advice Website does all the work once you have directed a client to your IMAGE MAKEOVER CONSULTING SESSION!

Consultant Income:

Income determined by your pricing choice. The client cost is $75 plus your consultant fee. The proposed pricing structure is $40 which includes both Body Frame & Clothing Personality Bundle for your client, a $35 client gift plus your consultant fee ($25 recommended).

Consultant Benefits:

- Weekly BEAUTY IN & OUT Webinar.

- Beneficial Knowledge to influence women.

- Fulfilled Purpose in helping women.

Provided For Consultants:

Consultants will be given a complete tutorial of the makeover session. An email including technology helps and session directives will be sent to you after being approved! You will receive a digital business card with an image before and after the picture for your use. Apparel Advice will have regularly updated information. 

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